Fun and Games Can
Mean Serious Business!

Game-based learning and experiential education have been proven
to be over twice as effective as other methods used for
brand activation and training programs.

  • When audiences are entertained, they are more receptive to learning.
  • An engaged participant will learn up to 50% more during a session.
  • Training games can help strengthen retention skills for years after the initial interaction.
  • Competitive elements like leaderboards, badges, and rewards improve dwell time and participation.
  • Entertaining and educational experiential programs increase positive sentiment and sharing.
  • A well-planned experiential interactive is an innovative way to stand out from the crowd!

Top uses for gamification and branded games:

  • Microsites and Promotional Pages
  • Waiting Areas + Queues + Curbside Pickup
  • Training Sessions
  • Webinars + Video Calls
  • Incentive Programs
  • Teambuilding Sessions
  • Simulators + Virtual Environments
  • Oversized + Giant Video Walls
  • Brand Activation + Sampling Programs
  • Trade Shows + Custom Displays
  • Fanfests + Festivals
  • Corporate Lobbies + Training Rooms
  • Retail + Restaurant Experiences
  • Fundraisers + Awareness
  • Mobile Marketing Vehicles
  • Social Media
  • Pain management + Care Centers

Get Your Game On!

Our modular process makes it simple for you to customize your own branded interactive experiences.

1 )

Pick A Game Style To Customize With Your Brand or Product

  • Modern Arcade
  • Simulator
  • Match + Pop
  • Board Game
  • Puzzles
  • Memory
  • Game Show
  • Trivia
  • Word + Picture
  • Sports + Skill
  • Racing
  • Quest
  • Classic Arcade
  • Contest + Prize
  • Custom

2 )

Pick Gamification Model

Embedded Into Full Simulator
or Virtual Experience

Immerse your audience in a virtual space or imitate the operation of a complex product or process. Product configurators, information, interactive areas, and quiz components are embedded within the virtual environment.

Basic Contest or
Game Only

Keep it simple and get right to the fun!
This budget-friendly, and bandwidth-friendly, option is great for prize giveaways, branded arcade experiences with basic messaging, or carnival midway
style activations.

Game Augmented with Trivia, Contest, or Educational Inserts

Mix business with pleasure by embedding branding, training, information, lead capture, and more into fun and entertaining mini games! This is a proven method to improve audience awareness, sentiment,
and retention!

Trivia, Factoids, Lead Capture, Contest Modules, or Brand/Product Education can be inserted in a variety of ways to an arcade game.
Points gained in trivia modules can also be used for in-game tokens, power-up, or bonus items.

  • On Start Before Game
  • On Game End
  • On Level Start/End (Waypoints)
  • On Pickup (In Game Moments)
  • Bonus Points
  • Power Up + Boost
  • Second Chance + Avoid Penalty
  • Continue
  • Pause Screens
  • High Score
  • Leaderboards
  • Contest + Redemption Module
    (Scratch Off, Spin, Slot, Plinko, etc.)

3 )

Pick Where to Customize With Your Logo, Brand, Product Information, Product Education, and Calls-to-Action.

  • Start/End Screens
  • In-Game Popups + Level Screens
  • Characters + Enemies + Extras
  • Vehicles + Characters In Vehicles
  • In-Game Objects + Props
  • Backdrops

4 )

Pick a Scoring System, Lead Capture, Prize Redemption
Platform, and More.

  • Lead Generation
  • Survey
  • Opt-In
  • Email Responses
  • Social Sharing
  • QR Response
  • Reward Points
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Redemption Systems
  • Campaign Goals
  • Metric Dashboards

5 )

Pick a Delivery Platform, Destination, or Environment.

  • Microsites + Web + Social
  • Kiosks
  • Video Walls
  • Interactive Vending Machines
  • Touch Screens
  • Event + Experiential Exhibit
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Mobile Event Vehicles

6 )

Monitor and Fulfill Your Campaign! Turnkey or Custom Metrics, Fulfillment + Tracking Dashboards Can be Added to any Campaigns!

For Biodefense in Public Exhibits + Activations:

  • Game areas and queues can be designed to adhere to venue protocols.
  • The player’s phone can be made into the controller or signup device.
  • QR + RFID + SMS/TXT + email + social + paperless + hands-free fulfillment options are available.
  • Stomp buttons and other hands-free options can be used to control the game.
  • Gesture and body tracking can be integrated into the experience.
  • Touchscreens can be controlled with a low-cost stylus. Plus, it makes a great giveaway!
  • Games can be programmed with a cleaning mode to periodically wipe down exhibit screens.
  • A variety of other unique inputs are available. Call us!